Glauner da Silva Pereira is a Brazilian theologian and author. He earned a degree in Dentistry from Nova Friburgo College of Dentistry, in Brazil, and the degrees of Bachelor, Honours Bachelor, and Master of Theology from the University of South Africa.

He wrote two works in Portuguese, Virtue Is the Origin of All Happiness: Manual of Universal Proverbial Wisdom and Generosity: The Top of Greatness and of Happiness. He also wrote, in English, Hold God’s Hand and Go! Faith, Prayer, Eschatology, and Spiritual Optimism.

He obtained the High Performance Leadership Certificate from Cornell University/eCornell.

His main research interests are logical-narrative theology, mission as the external (and lost) half of worship, theodicy, and the eschatological dimension of divine providence.

“You are a systematic theologian in heart and marrow (Afrikaans proverb).”
— Adrio König, former professor of Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa and author of several theological works, among which is Here Am I! A Believer’s Reflection on God.