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Causes of Failure in Prayer (I)
(a) A life unpleasing to God
(b) Disinterest in prayer
(c) Syndrome of “second-class saint”

Causes of Failure in Prayer (II)
(d) A conflictive and unforgiving spirit
(e) Superfluous petitions, unworthy of Jesus’ name
(f) Arrogance in addressing God
(g) Lack of openness to the will of God
(h) “Little faith”
(i) Ignorance about the nature of the dispensation in
which we live

Doubts about Prayer (I)
(a) Isn’t it possible that events attributed to prayer could
have happened naturally?
(b) What difference can prayer make, if God has decreed
from eternity everything that will come to pass?

Doubts about Prayer (II)
(c) Is prayer not merely a surrender of will, since God
imposes his?
(d) If God knows our needs beforehand, why is prayer
(e) Does Paul not say that the Holy Spirit compensates our
weak prayers?
(f) Is God embarrassingly limited by his own plan for this
time, full of pain?
(g) Is there faith nowadays as in the past?

What Praying in Jesus’ Name Means and Presupposes

“Whatever” We Ask or the Will of God?
What “whatever” typically means to mission-minded

God’s Demonstrated Power: The Historical Foundation
of Faith

Faith is Recognition of God’s Almightiness
(a) Incredulity laughs at God’s miraculous power
(b) Doubt says: “Lord, if you can . . .”
(c) Faith says: “Lord, if you are willing, you can. . .”

How Faith Can Be Strengthened – Let God Do It! 80
(a) If you are truly a believer, you should have faith as a
mustard seed 82
(b) Sanctification and intimacy with God – The matrix of
faith 85
(c) How Abraham’s faith was strengthened 90
(d) Learn from a simple father in despair: “Lord, I believe;
help my unbelief” 91
(e) Keep praying: perseverance is an expression of faith 92
(f) A great faith keeps faithful to God whatever happens 95

The Will of God and Our Pain 97

Anxiety, Depression, and Prayer 109

Dealing with “Unanswered” Prayers 113
(a) Moses 113
(b) David 117
(c) Paul 122

The Eschatological Glory: The Ultimate Purpose of
Faith and Prayer 127

The Eschatological Impact of Believers’ Prayers 133

Practical Aspects of Prayer from a Theological
Perspective (I) 137
(a) Are there better places to pray? 137
(b) Is there any inherently advantageous time to pray? 141
(c) How long should the prayer time be? 145
(d) How do we avoid wandering thoughts as we pray? 145
(e) How insistently should we pray for something? 146

Practical Aspects of Prayer from a Theological
Perspective (II) 148
(f) Must we observe special positions to pray? 148
(g) Should Christians fast? 150
(h) What’s the “best” prayer: accompanied or alone? 156
(i) To what extent or in what sense is the prayer taught by
Jesus normative? 157
Conclusion 159
Notes 165