I’m glad to tell you of two things that may appeal to you as a Christian willing to grow spiritually: a book and a course. Both are on prayer and both have the very same title:

Hold God’s Hand and Go!
Faith, Prayer, Eschatology, and Spiritual Optimism

I’m sure you will enjoy one or both of them. Learn more about the course

Five Reasons for You to Read This book

1. Because of the testimonial of Jeanette Morris, author and editor. She wrote Her Shining Eyes.

“Undoubtedly worthy of becoming a modern classic on the theology of prayer. Rich in research, biblical foundation, and deep devotion to the importance of this fundamental privilege for believers in Jesus Christ.”

2. The book deals with fundamental subjects about prayer, yet unknown by most Christians. Some of them:

a) The logic limitation of prayer, due to the pre-glorious dispensation in which we live.

b) How to improve one’s faith: a lesson from a hopeless man who asked for Jesus’ help in order to save his son.

c) No, not all that happens is of God’s will. Absolutely, not, for reasons that you will find in the book.

b) God does not causes the tragedies that destroy our lives. They are rather fragments of the bomb of sin, which exploded in Eden and reaches every person throughout history – in the past, in the present, and in the future. Everyone with his/her sad lot in this world.

3. This book took several years to be written, as the author had to spend much time in exegetical and theological study of many biblical passages, in order to deliver to the reader a serious theological study about prayer, not simply a devotional book.

The book is deliberately offered exclusively as a PDF ebook, which will reach your hands in minutes. Its price is US$4,99.